San Conrado Mission
San Conrado

St. Peter Italian Catholic Church is directly responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Mission of St. Conrado,
a community of mostly Spanish speaking parishioners. Most of them live far away from the Mission located at 1820 Bouett Street, in Los Angeles, just ten minutes away from St. Peter.


* San Conrado worshippers gather every Sunday for the 10:30am Mass, followed by a typical Mexican breakfast (burritos, tamales, taquitos, menudo, pan dulce, coffee and soft drinks) prepared by the Guadalupana Society and other volunteers.

* Every 28th of the month Mass for St. Judas at 7:00 pm

* October 28, 2009 - Saint Judas Annual Celebration, with Mass, dinner and much more

* Celebrations in Spanish of Marriages, Baptisms and Quinceañeras are prearranged in advance. Special events honoring St. Judas, St, Michael and Our Lady of Guadalupe enrich the spiritual life of the community.

San Conrado's Short Biography
San Conrado, patron of the Mission, was born December 22, 1818 in Lower-Bavaria. At the age of 31 he entered the Capuchin-Order. He spent 41 years as a Brother in the monastery of St. Ann, and died April 21, 1884. He was canonized May 20, 1934. Brother Conrado achieved his sanctity by humbly fulfilling his daily duties, with special care for the needy and the poor.

Saint JudasOur Lady of Lourdes

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