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St. Joseph's Table

is the event that captures the heart of many St. Peter's parishioners andbrings together a numerous amount of people to honor St. Joseph and to visit the traditional table. The St. Joseph Table is a religious custom and tradition that started centuries ago in Sicily. When Sicilians were affected by a severe drought,they turned to St. Joseph the “Father of Jesus and head of the Holy Saint JosephFamily” to rescue them by asking St. Joseph to intercede before God for theircause. As a result oftheir prayer and intercession of St. Joseph, an abundance of rain was poured over the fields to save their crops.
A s a sign of gratitude to God the Sicilians committed themselves to share the fruit of the earth with the poor. The tradition was started all over Sicily and, through the migrants, spread throughout the world. At St. Peter for over 40 years, thanks to the willingness and commitment of many dedicated people, it is the event that brings together thousands of people every March 19 to honor St. Joseph, to admire the beautiful table and to enjoy a delicious plate of pasta and a variety of typical Italian food.

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