St. Peter’s Church in Los Angeles is a Christian Church that was established in the year 1986. The land that the church stands on today was leased by the church in September 1988.  The first pastor Father Madrano played a huge role in helping the church grow in the initial days. It was under his watchful eye that the structure of the church slowly took place, giving the resident of LA a chance to get closer to pay patronage to the Holy Saint. This Christian church was designed by the firm of Sterling and Hardy in neo-Romanesque style with interesting Gothic accents.

In the present day, the St. Peter’s Church has become a major landmark, helping lost souls find the right path. Thousands of weddings, baptisms, and funeral services have taken place at this Church, making it an integral part of the resident in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the Church has started taking an interest in Christian jewelry that has become popular in the recent times. It’s a way for devout Christians to remain close to their Lord. Many unique rosary beads are also being created today that captures the interest of the young generation these days. St. Peter’s at Los Angeles is staying on top of the trends with its own special variety of Christian jewelry. Each piece is artfully designed and created through the innovative program where young unemployed women are trained in the skills of jewelry making by professionals. This way the women are employed and are able to give back to the society by making an earning that is worthwhile.

St. Peter’s Church in Los Angeles holds regular services for the public. You can look up the timings and find one that suits your convenience. We would like to extend out welcome to the house of the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ is always here to welcome any weary soul. In case you are planning on getting married in this beautiful Church, you can make an appointment to find out when we have a slot available. We would recommend booking at least two months in advance to avoid being stuck with no free slot. We also have special counselling sessions held by Father Petro for to-be-newly-weds to help them with the anxiety of getting married.

St. Peter’s Church prides itself on being able to know the pulse of the people of Los Angeles. It has remained as steady as a rock in the times of turmoil for the people in the area. There is also a group of volunteers at the Church who meet every week to feed the homeless. Walk in today and find out how to join our volunteers and do some good deeds, you will definitely feel better about yourself in no time at all.