God is our savior. In Jesus, we should trust.

The world today is full of lies spoken in beautiful tones that compel the mind while the truth is blasted out in harsh sounds. We created this site so that people with a desire to love God and love people can begin to see the truth and speak it in loving tones. We aim to spread knowledge about the Christ community that includes everyone – no matter the age, gender or stage of life.

The people behind St Peters Church LA have a sole objective. To equip Christians to renew their minds and build a culture to the glory of God by serving the church. We offer, to all our readers, information about churches and their related organization.  In a world that is desperately in need of beauty, truth, and goodness, we strengthen the bonds of a church by talking about the communities and churches found around the world.

We are advocates for the church. We shape evangelic conversations. We bring vital issues to the foreground. We provide a place where people can communicate without limits and with freedom.  We help people understand who Jesus is, what His purpose in our lives is and what can you do for the community.

We hope that through this virtual platform we can disseminate at least a portion of His teaching to those who need it the most. We hope we can bring some good and peace to a world that is becoming harsher by the minute.

Love in God and be empowered!