Spirituality And Medicine – The Twined History Of The Two

How NEET coaching centers Proved That Spirituality and Religion in Modern Education

There was a time in evolution that medicine was dominated by those who were the scions of religion. The term spirituality and healing were intertwined. It was the church that trained and issued licenses to physicians. When one got sick, it was to the church one called to gain access to medicine because the physicians were generally priests or monks. Even the first hospitals in the world to be constructed were built by religious groups. If you dive into the history of some of the oldest churches in the world, http://www.oldest.org/religion/churches/, you will find evidence of monks practicing medicine.

Treating the Whole Person SpirituallyThe medicine experts of the present world, like NEET coaching centers, believe and have proof that for hundreds of years religion and medicine was practiced by the same people. With time, the distinction between the two increases. As technology improved and innovations in science happened, the two fields were finally separated. For decades now, people believe that combining religion and healing is foolhardy. It is only when conventional and accepted methods of medical practice fail that people turn to religion and spirituality.

The Role of Spirituality in Person’s Identity

Yet, in the past year or two, the pendulum has again begun to swing. The dogma that faith in God can heal people is no more seen as something unbelievable. Research and studies done on the faith people have in God showed that it could drastically impact mental and physical health. Doctors now say that medicine is as much a physical experience as it is an emotional and psychological one. Therefore, a doctor who understands that spirituality is part of a person’s identity can take better care of a patient.
Doctors are now training interns to be able to engage with parents. The aim is to build physicians who are comfortable with talking about religion with patients. Listening to a patient while they talk about their spirituality can change their emotional response to medicine which in turn can help heal them better. A program by Penn’s school proved that the patient population is receptive to talking about religion during their visits. It is the doctors who need to be trained.

How Doctors Superficially Connected with Patients ?spirituality in medicine

Some of the physicians believe that it helped them treat their patients better because it got them out of their shell and understood the psychology of the patient. It also provided them with a better understanding of how to handle different people and the way they view their ailment. The program also urges the students training to be doctors to recreate a verbal report of the visits. The aim of the program is not just focused on including spirituality in medicine. It is to train doctors that can connect with patients in more than superficial ways. By mentally remembering the conversations they had with a patient and then repeating it verbatim, doctors are able to see things from the other person’s perspective.
The time is not far when we, as people, will merge religion and healing once again. The journey has already started and with positive results.

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