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In today’s world, having a presence on the Internet absolutely makes a difference. As a Pastor myself I have something I think you will find interesting. I have had a website for our church for years. I think it is a pretty good site with a lot of nice features. Some time ago I had a significant realization, the only way you would ever get to our web site was if you already had the web address. In effect, you would have to come to the church to get the web address, so that the only people who went to the website had already been to the church. My question became, “How can I get people who are visiting or moving in to the area to find our website (and thereby find the church)?”. You are probably already aware of the number of people in our society who are on the Internet and who use Google to find out information about anything they are interested in. You probably do this yourself. So, I went to Google to find my website. I typed in the name of my church and it didn’t show up.

That sent me on a journey of how to get my church to show up on Search Engines. I have a pretty good handle on that process now (if you search for anything even close to our church name now, our site shows up on page 1 in position 1, and generally sites that relate to my site show up in the next 5 or 6 positions as well. Even with that problem solved, you would still only find the church if you had some idea of the name of the church. What if you were new to the area and just looking for a church? You would probably type in something like “Salem Oregon Churches” or “Churches in Salem Oregon” or “Salem Churches”. If you type that in on Google now, this site will show up somewhere on page 1. In the future I would expect it to show up in position 1 of page 1. What does this mean to you? I have already included all the Salem Oregon churches I could find on the directory on the Salem Oregon Churches site. There are also a total of 12 featured church spots available on this site. If you look at the top of the home page you will see the window that scrolls every few seconds. I will put your church there.

I will also add your church to the featured list and put a page on the website just for your church information. I will do this for $120 for a year. That means for $10 a month you will have your church listed on a well maintained site that exists to point people in your direction. (Each of the 12 featured churches will take turns in the first position on the site) I think that this service is worth a lot more. I am offering it to you at a very reasonable price for two reasons; the first is I want to be able to bless the whole church whenever I can, the second reason is I would like to make available to those of you who need some help with your church website my services in setting up your own church website (if you don’t have one or the website you have is impractical or out of date). I can offer you a couple of different plans. I can set up and maintain a site for you for as little as $310 a year ($10 of this is to establish a domain name/web address for your church). We would do all the work. You just send emails with the updates you want on your site, we take care of the rest. We serve as your church web master online.

This is probably the best deal for busy Pastors. This $310 will include your featured listing on the directory, so in effect you are only paying $190 a year to have your site developed and maintained. If you prefer I can set up a site for you that is yours that you maintain. This would be a one time fee of about $500. It could be more or less depending on what you want on your website. (You will also need to purchase a domain name which is about $10 a year and to get your site hosted which is about $50 a year). The options are limitless. I will also include two years on the directory as a featured site, which means that this plan will effectively cost you $260. If you can find a better deal anywhere, you should take it. All of these prices are introductory and they will all be going up in the future. If you lock in to your yearly rate now, it will always stay the same. The video below explains how the directory will work for you: For more information click on the Contact link and fill out the form. We will get back to you with details about how to add your church to the list of Salem Oregon Churches.

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