The Origin And Activities Of Christian Community

Christian Community can be defined as a network of Christian organization or churches. Moreover, an event hosted by several Christian groups is considered to be a Christian activity. They have the right view on the cultural activities as it is made up of a big number of people. Though the question how many groups constitute a community is yet to be answered. For instance if the Episcopalians, Charismatics, Methodists attend a particular event leaving out Presbyterians or Baptists, can it still be called Christian community? Some other definitions called Christian leaders to be the community. When a statement is released by the pastor, Christian celebrity, etc, it is considered to be the Christian community voice.

Another perception of Christian community is the practices and beliefs of the academicians who discuss Christian faith. Whenever there is a need to draw an opinion the leaders of the religion are asked to give their point of view and this is taken as the view of the community as a while. This is also a misconception as scholars may have a different value that may not necessarily match the views of the academia. In another instance, it is viewed biblically, as the term Bible’s reference to church is ekklesia in Greek which means assembly. This means all Christians. The community is well known for its devotion to teachings and love for fellow-beings. In short the Christian community can be described as Christians/Jesus Christ followers.

Christianity draws its origin very similar to the working class movement. It was originally the movement of the oppressed people. To begin with it first started as the religion of slaves, poor and deprived people or those dispersed by Rome. Similar to the worker’s movement, Christianity also preaches salvation from slavery and poverty. Christianity says salvation can be achieved after death, in transforming the society and practicing socialism. Their ideologies were despised and they were treated as enemies of the state. Only after 300 years of its occurrence was it recognized as a state religion in the Roman Empire. However, it was able to bring in socialism in just sixty years after its recognition.

During the Middle Ages, the risings of the peasants wore the mask of religion and seemed like restoration of the religion from unfolding degeneration. The Lucian of Samosata is the best source to trace the first Christians. They were skeptical to religious superstitions and therefore treated Christianity as a different kind of religious dominion. He also mocked at the followers to those worshiping nature are no less than following Christ.

The history of early Christianity following dual tendency can be traced to the German critical analysis of the Bible. The first is called the Tübingen School where it says that the four gospels are just adaptations of the writings and not eyewitnesses. It also states that not more than 4 of the Epistles assigned to Apostle Paul are termed real. It also attacks historical narrations of all miracles calling them unacceptable. The next tendency is the Bruno Bauer. It is the greatest service that takes the effort to inquire into the Greco-Alexandrian and Jewish elements.

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