Christians – Believing in the teaching of Jesus Christ

Christians believe firmly on Jesus Christ who cleanse them of their sins and worries and guide them through all hardships. He once stated,” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except me” (John 14:6). Everybody became worried about His reasons for giving such statements. They came to conclusions that He was mentally unstable and was tricking people with His techniques. If you look into His life’s journey, you will come to know that His preaching is actually true. He gave such statements because He believed that He is the son of god who is directed by his Father to protect the entire world from the sins.

The main reason you are separated from god and heaven is because of the sins which you and your people has performed. Thus your biggest needs are to get your sins forgiven. In this way you can reach god and stay connected with Him till eternity. Even if you have performed a number of good things to others, the one sin you commit will never be forgotten. Thus the main reason behind sending His son Jesus to this world is to erase all sins which people commit. The church history that was written by the Father is still followed by everyone around the world. Love the almighty God unconditionally. Spend quality time with God by telling a simple prayer every day. The following are some of the things that Christians strongly believe to stay connected to god.

  •         Christianity conceives that God is the one who created people, world and universe, tangible and intangible things. This was found in many Bible passages and even in the Bible’s book of Genesis.
  •         The people conceive Jesus as the Son of the almighty God. They also believe that He is the one who is with god. The almighty god has sent Jesus for salvation. In John 10:30, the Apostle John states Jesus as,” I am the Father are one”.
  •         People believe that Jesus had an idea about the Holy Spirit. Virgin Mary is the mother of the Jesus.
  •         Jesus has borne all our sins for which he was crucified. In Mathew 27:23-56,” Jesus was incorrectly accused for being against the rebels. He was handed over to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate. Later then he was crucified.
  •         Jesus rose from His death after being crucified on the Holy cross. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is thoroughly explained in the New Testament of John, from chapter 20. People who trust Jesus Christ and those who believe His teachings will reach Him finally to stay with Him forever.

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