Biblical Perspectives Of A Christian Wedding

A Deeper Look Into Christian Marriages

When two people decide to get married, they immediately plunge into the practical details of it. Which of the Banquet Halls will be the best in the reception? How many guests will have to be invited? While there is nothing wrong in planning this nitty-gritty of life, we forget that marriage is a sacred institution. It is a gift from God, and every aspect of it has a biblical basis. So, in this article, we delve into a more holy perspective of the union and then explain the meaning of some of the Christian wedding symbols.

Image of Bride and Groom Accepting Wedding Vows During Wedding Ritual

Biblical Perspectives Of A Christian Marriage

When you read the Bible, it becomes apparent that right from Genesis to Revelation, love is at its core. The theme of relationships and love is weaved into the very fabric of the holy book. The entire Scripture is about the relationship man has with God. It helps us understand:
· How to create a relationship with Him
· How to hold onto to the relationship at all times
· How to communicate with Him
· How to cherish the relationship with Him

Take, for instance, the quote by St. Augustine, “our hearts are restless until we find our rest in Thee.” While it is true that God made us have a connection with Him, it was not all He meant. We are meant to learn how to live with those placed in our lives and love them. And marriage is one of the ways to fulfil it. Furthermore, the union of two souls is akin to a platform that helps accomplish God’s intentions for humanity, which are reflection and procreation.

The Meaning Behind Christian Wedding Symbols

A Gorgeous Wedding Bride In White Dress Resemblance of PurityMarriage is as old as time. It is why every little and big aspect of Christian weddings is rooted in symbolism. From where the families sit to the white attire of the bride, each one has a deep and profound meaning, just like there is a biblical perspective to the marriage itself. Let’s take a look at some of the symbols. Check Out this article about symbolism in christian weddings.

· Before weddings occurred in churches, any pledge made between two people or parties was done through a blood covenant. In a blood covenant, the two people walked down an aisle made between the two halves of sacrificed animals. It is why families of the bride and groom sit on the opposite sides of the church. Each half is a representative of a sacrificed animal.

· The parents of the bride and groom get a special seat of prominence because, in olden times, they were responsible for discerning God’s will. It was the parents who decided if the choice of the spouse for their son or daughter was capable or not. By giving the parents a position of importance, their role in the union is recognised and appreciated.
· It is a fact known that the white dress of the bride is a symbol of the purity of the woman in the heart, but the symbolism goes much deeper. In Revelation, it says that Christ clothed his bride, which was the church, in a garment that was “fine linen, bright and clean.” Ergo, the white wedding dress is a mirror image of the righteousness of Christ.

Christian Bridal Hairstyles With Veil Is a Halcyon

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· The bridal veil is long thought to be a symbol of purity and modesty of the bride, along with her veneration for God. Like the wedding attire, its symbol is much higher. When Christ died on the cross, the temple veil was torn in half and which removed the separation from God. Similarly, when the groom lifts the bridal veil, the couple has complete access to each other.

Each element of Christian weddings from joining of hands to the cutting of the cake is steeped in meaning. There is a reason why marriages are called holy unions. Understanding the symbolism of it can help new couples take a more revered perspective to the nuptials.

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