Grand Anniversary Celebration At St. Peter’s Church!

Initially, St. Peter’s Church for spiritual assistance of many Italian people, was set up as a mission church in 1904. There was a mass migration of Italian to the United States. So following the concept of other bishops around the world, Bishop Conaty of Los Angeles established a church especially for them due to pastoral need of new migrants.

Recently, renovation of this old church was held by reputed interior designer. They not only renovated and remodeled the church but also gave an innovated new architectural look to this church. The interior designer made sure to preserve the church’s old traditional architectural details intact. The whole process took a while to complete, but waiting was worth it.

After the completion of the renovation process, the much awaited grand event was held to celebrate the anniversary of Church. The event was very successful, and a lot of people made it a point to attend this grand ceremony.

Initially, a committee was appointed to plan the grand celebration. It was their job to include a team member who has expertise in writing, managing publicity, has knowledge about worship and rituals, knows the intricacies of administration, finance and more. The committee was set up well in advance before the anniversary. Special activities were conducted according to the specified budget.

Following were some of the steps taken to celebrate the grand event.
A theme was developed related to worship.
Gifts were specified for reputed members of church
Appropriate music was selected to enjoy in the event
Many people were included for the service
Children were included in the celebration.
Church videotape was created to catch the event for future.
Banquet was planned in a grand way.
The drama was held based on the church to guide the people to God.

Apart from all these planning, the whole setup was well decorated according to the theme to give a traditional look to the church. A Large banner was hanged outside the church to announce the anniversary celebration. Flowers were chosen to complement with the color of the church. Bouquets of the flower were arranged for special guest for the event. Balloons were used too to decorate the main entry gate. Tables were beautifully decorated and covered with a tablecloth.

At this point we have to state that we took a few of the ideas given in sites like,, and so on, as inspiration. We used these inputs and created a beautiful look.
Candles were used to add to the beauty of decorations. Potted plants were used to decorate the front of the church. Tulle was used to decorate the central hall of the church by hanging from the center of the ceiling while shells were used to decorate the side halls. Flower petals were put along the aisle, thereby creating a floral aspect. Beautiful lighting was used to add to the beauty of church decoration.

The whole event was a great affair with many top personalities making a visit and was covered by many newspapers, the chief of which was the LA Times. The entire event can still be read about on their site

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