Christian Wedding And The God’s Covenant

Christian marriage has more than just exchange of rings or pronouncing you man and wife, it is a special relationship that is cherished for a lifetime. There are many symbol in the wedding that is seen as God’s covenant. Before getting into the sacrament of marriage it is important to understand the meaning of several wedding traditions that got with it. As couple this knowledge can help appreciate the institution of marriage and respect the wedding ceremony. So what does this union have in store and why is it important to understand this covenant ceremony.

A covenant is scared and in the ancient times a blood covenant is considered scared and solemn. It is a vow that cannot be broken and that is why ancient people believed in the sacrifice of animals. Splitting the hunt into half and the two parties would walk into either path assembling in the middle. This meeting place is called the holy ground and this is where the pledge is made. Once this is done, the two parties would exchange their outer coats and belts to keep some possession of the other person.

Biblical significance of wedding symbols

Christian weddings are soaked in traditions and symbols and their significance are explained.

  • The couple’s families sit opposite to each other in the church, something similar to the blood covenant ceremony. The family, friends and witnesses to the wedding are all seated in their respective position to give their consent for the holy union.
  • The meeting ground is represented by the center aisle and it is the path in between the two animal pieces as signified in the blood covenant. The runner symbolizes the holy ground where the couple joins as one.
  • The parents are seated in a prominent position, showcasing the value they hold in helping their children choose their spouse. It is a display of their responsibility.
  • The groom makes an entry first. It is God who initiated the marriage, Christ comes for his bride in the church and the groom is seen as an embodiment of Christ himself. This goes to prove the blood covenant that god initiates the wedding.
  • Father gives away the bride as per the jewish tradition. It is the duty of the father to present the bride to the groom as a pure virgin. The father escorts his daughter down the aisle as a symbol of taking up this responsibility. It also goes without saying that I approve of your choice and here I am walking you towards the man of your love. The minister asks, who gives this woman and the father answers, her mother and I. This is a demonstration of blessing the blessing and transferring the care of their daughter to the husband.
  • Wearing a white gown has a dual significance. White is a symbol of purity and it is held in close veneration to God. Christ’s clothes are fine linen, pure, bright and clean. What could be more pure than a white gown for the bride? To match this purity the bride is all decked up with the best of costume and makeup. Wedding makeup done by Christian bridal makeup artist from Skulpt, Chennai has special significance as it showcases the bride extra special before entering into the God’s covenant.
  • The veil also has a meaning in the wedding ceremony. It showcases the modesty and the reverence for God. The temple veil was torn into half during Christ’s crucifixion on the holy cross. It is seen as a union between the church and Christ.
  • Exchanging rings is the most holy of all the wedding rituals. The ring an unending circle portrays eternal love. During the olden days the ring was used as a seal of authority, when pressed on molten wax. It is a seal on legal documents. The couples bearing the ring demonstrate their total submission to the almighty. God has brought them together and the wedding ring is the symbol of this relationship.

The official declares the groom and the bride, man and wife to complete the ceremony of marriage. This is the beginning of the wedding covenant. Now the couple are one in the eyes of God.


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