The Life Of Jesus Christ

In the early years, the most terrible and painful form of death that was Jesus’Crucifixion.This form of death involves tying the person’s arms and legs in the cross and then nailing them. The term crucifixion is derived from the Latin word “crucifixio” or “crucifixus” meaning “attaching to the cross”. This form of execution considered as a disgraceful act, but also proved to be the dreadful methods. Crucifixion was initiated by the Persians which later started to spread across the world including regions like Assyrians, Carthaginians, Germans, Scythians, Britons and Celts. This form of the death was specially assigned to traitors, slaves, prisoners and criminals. It later became common in the reign of the Great Alexander. People started to know more about Jesus Christ’s death. There are no adequate descriptions available because historians did not have the courage to explain this painful act.

There are four kinds of crosses that are used for crucifixion namely

  • Crux Simplex,
  • Crux Commissa,
  • Crux Decussata and
  • Crux Immissa.

Jesus Christ, who is considered to be the integral part of Christianity was crucified on the Holy cross which is recorded in Mathew 27:27-56 and Luke 23:26-39. Christian theology states that the death of the Christ was a perfect sacrifice to cleanse which was carried out to cleanse all sins of human beings. Thus the Holy cross is considered to be the symbol of Christianity. You will come to know more about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Bible story.

The last minutes of Jesus on the Holy Cross

Jesus Christ was crucified on the Holy Cross by His oppositions who thought that He was turning their people against them. But deep down He was crucified to cleanse people of their sins and to relieve them of their pains and difficulties. Jesus Christ was met His physical death on the cross and the crucifixion lasted for almost six hours approximately from 09 am to 03 pm. The timeline explaining His death is clearly explained in the Scriptures which includes even the hourly descriptions of His crucifixion. The scripture also explains the events which took place before and after the crucifixion.

Good Friday – A remembrance of His crucifixion

The holy day of the Christians is called the Good Friday and is being observed on the Fridays which appear just before the Easter celebrations. Christians celebrate Good Friday to commemorate the sacrifice and love of the Christ for His people and to remember the sufferings He underwent during His death on the Holy cross. Many Christians and all those who believe and trust the love of god spend the day fasting, conducting prayer ceremonies, repenting His death and expressing the agony and pain they witness while experiencing the holy cross.

The event of rising up and revival of Jesus Christ from Death is called the resurrection. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are considered to be the two most important events in the history of human life.

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