The Spectacular Restoration Of St. Peter’s Church!

Churches are the one of Christianity’s most powerful pillars of faith. It is the pivotal part of our religion, and is often the focal point of the entire community. Across the country, we can see how churches are undergoing a massive transformation so as to keep up with the changing times.

St. Peter’s Church is more than 100 years old, and because of the faith, contribution and tradition of people, it will continue to grow. In the year 2017, we continue to be a family of believers and faithful people along with those who were before us. For more than one hundred years, it has remained as a revitalizing point for thousand of devotees; it joined them in a similar Faith, it consoles them in their battles; it cheered with their triumphs and helped them along intense circumstances.

In this church, we still conduct a baptism for our children, marriages, last farewells, spiritual events in a grand manner. Special moments like giving honor, celebrating patrons and carrying their images in the procession are conducted in this church to express our common faith.

To nurture the faith of God’s people by serving, in a universal spirit, we as a Catholic parish are committed to value our historical heritage. Also, we will continue to embrace those people who want to celebrate and wish to come to us with their faith as a truly Christian family.

In spite of the fact that it is small in size, it is incredible in spirit and spiritual in completing profound accomplishments. It is also responsible for the union of Italian and Italian-American people group as no other element has. It has preserved the spiritual tradition and faith of its people and drove them to unmistakable and respectable achievements.

Why Change?
Renovation and restoration have been done on a regular basis to keep the aura and spirit of the church intact. Recently the church was renovated and remodeled so as to keep up with the changing times and the rise in the number of members. These changes were necessary and were successful in enhancing and preserving church sanctuary’s finer architectural details while updating other features like fabrics, carpets, and furnishings. The following steps were involved in renovating the church:
Platform redesigning
Floor refinishing
Pew upholstery and cushion replacement
New lighting based on architecture
New tile, carpet and stone flooring
Latest Baptist renovations
Plaster and Painting repairing
Restoration of antique lighting

The renovation designers worked exclusively with the church and were sensitive to all types of worships. They were successful in creating worship friendly space in the church. Before starting the renovation, they submitted a rough sketch and drawing for approval. Also, they prepared a design board to show the proposed color combination for the church.

We approached several interior design firms like clouds interiors, Heimsath, etc. and the result of the whole process was a more enhanced and beautifully designed interior.

As inputs provided by, St. Peter’s Church, is successful in preserving the faith of people towards the spiritual and traditional side of Christianity. We’ll keep the light on for you!

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