The Challenges Faced By Jesus Christ In Spreading The Faith

Jesus Christ, the man of generosity and compassion, faced opposition as a result of showing love and treating everybody equal. People turn up to Him for help at times of danger and needs. Loving and believing Him at all costs will help you rescue yourself from all hardships and difficulties. Jesus Christ, the man of supreme power, who died to cleanse His people’s sorrows and sins, is the source of knowledge, wisdom and confidence to a wide range of people. He faced opposition several times for expressing His feelings and concern towards His people. Some of these incidents are discussed below.

  •         Incident 1

The Mark 3, Verse 2 readings from the bible explains the meeting of Jesus Christ with a disfigured man of the Pharisees community. The people watched His actions carefully to find out whether He would heal the man of his sins and difficulties on Sabbath, and thought to accuse Him of His actions when He does so. But Jesus Christ responded to them challengingly enquiring that whether it is legal to do good or commit sin or whether it is correct to save lives or kill them on the Sabbath. The rituals followed by the Pharisees made God’s actions and laws joyless and thus Jesus Christ exposed the judgmental motives of the Pharisees.

  •         Incident 2

When Jesus Christ was arrested, one of His disciples named Peter cuts off the ears of one of the servants of the High Priest. Jesus readily commanded peace among His people. He also advised them that people who seek violence and use sword to harm people, will fall prey to the swords finally as well. He also quoted that it was always possible for him to seek help from His Father, who would readily send 12 troops of angels to maintain peace, but he did not wish to do so. He also explained that things happen for a reason and it is always great to leave things take place at its own pace and time. Finally Jesus Christ also healed the servant of his injuries and pains.

  •         Incident 3

During the final moments of His crucifixion, Jesus Christ turned up to His father as He was deeply saddened and troubled by His oppositions. He showed great persistence and intensity in surrendering His soul at time of His physical death. Although Jesus Christ was human and godly at the same time, he also needed His Father at times of His difficulties and hardships. Thrice in Gethsemane, Jesus Christ went on his knees with his face resting on the earth to pray to His father, to punish Him instead of His people who stand accused of sins, if permitted by His father. The readings from the Gospel of John chapter 17, explain that Jesus Christ prayed for Him, for His people and followers once. During His death and resurrection, he prayed to His Father for salvation and sought His Father’s glory for assistance and support as He was waiting to fulfill His Father’s orders and wishes.       

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